Hi! I am Betsy Small, an owner of Furniture Medic in Lancaster, PA, and a customer and big fan of Red Rose Mirror and Glass. We have worked closely for over 10 years with the folks at Red Rose Mirror and Glass, and refer them to all of our customers looking for replacement glass and mirrors. This is not only because of the obvious reasons a business works with another business - great prices, proper insurance and honesty - but also because they offer incredible customer service! They go the extra mile for us and work hard to help us make a satisfied customer. I do recommend them to anyone needing any glass product, and would be happy to be listed as a reference on any printed material if desired. They are one of the few, great small businesses remaining that really do what they say, back it up with experience and the desire to satisfy their customers, and have the same people working there every time we go! That consistency is reassuring as well.

Thank you!

Betsy Small President / Furniture Medic