Glass Table Tops

Glass is beautiful; a glass table top is an excellent way to add shine to an otherwise dull item.  Our glass table tops are all custom manufactured, which means that all pieces can be to your specification. Edging style and thickness recommended differ depending on the project requested.  With a glass tabletop you can protect your furniture from nicks, scratches and other damage. Vinyl Windows We offer multiple edge works:
Seamed edge:  After glass is customized the edges are sanded to dull the sharp edges.  This is to make the glass table top safe to handle.
Flat Polish Edge:  The edges of glass table top have been polished to a smooth shiny finish.
Pencil Polish Edge:  Popular with circle or oval shapes, the side edge is rounded for a softer look.
Beveled Polish Edge:  In this application the edges of the glass table top are cut and polished in an angle with a specific bevel width to produce a custom look.  The bevel width can range in size from 1/4” to 31/4” and specified by you!