baby proofing services - custom plexiGlass

There are some areas in the home that need special attention to keep your child safe.  Many homes  have beautiful balconies, banisters, railings and floating custom staircases that may be very dangerous for children due to the wide openings. Many people don’t even realize that these areas can be childproofed. Plexiglass is the safest and best looking solution for railing protection. Plexiglass prevents falls, climbing hazards, throwing objects and looks virtually invisible in your home.

Vinyl Windows

Plexiglass is custom cut to your specific home needs and its completely non permanent and removable, leaving no damage. Red Rose Mirror and Glass can professionally install plexi glass on your balcony or staircase so perfectly and so precise you don’t even notice its there.  Your friends and family members wont believe how great it looks.  Taking that extra step to ensure your child’s safety is worth the effort.  Plexiglass is also a good solution for protecting against the hazards low window glass in your child’s area. We would be happy to come to your home and determine if plexiglass is the best solution for your areas of concern.  All plexiglass is measured and custom cut to fit any area needed in your home for a perfect fit.